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The BADAME project is granted by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. The project team consists of researchers and teachers of the University of Economics Prague (UEP) and is coordinated by Jiří Ivánek, vice-rector for development and information system of UEP.

The aim of this project is the creation of a complex environment for economic research. It concentrates on microdata, macrodata and metadata concerning the Czech economy and prepares conditions for their analysis and use in research. These data can be used by researchers, teachers and students of the University of Economics. The project can serve as a model for other universities and research institutes.

The whole project is composed of the following six specific projects:

  • implementation of macroeconomic models for the Czech Republic;
  • evaluation of financial market models and corresponding software applications;
  • databases of enterprises and models for evaluation of enterprises and branches;
  • databases of statistical indicators and statistical models;
  • evaluation of methods and software applications for knowledge discovery in databases;
  • technical support of the project.

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